Yiucon Unlimited Concepts was established in 2005 by a group of young enterprising business professionals with the aim of offering consulting services to Filipino businesses. Immersed in various industries, we understand the needs of a modern Filipino business and our thrust is to help entrepreneurs be competitive in their chosen fields. In the process, we also move towards our goal of contributing to the resurgence of the country’s economy.

Whether your business is in retail, wholesale, manufacturing, education, trading, finance or professional services, we understand the challenges that face the modern entrepreneur. In the current business landscape, we believe that efficiency, optimization and first-rate service are key to success. Efficiency means resources are not wasted; Optimization results in maximizing your business’ strengths; and First-rate service leads to satisfied clients.

With our expertise in customized systems development, database management and other computing needs, we can help you harness available technology so that your business can be efficient, optimal and service-oriented: a globally competitive enterprise.


We believe that the success of the country lies in the collective success of the Filipino entrepreneurial spirit. Our vision is to be leaders in the resurgence of the Philippine economy in support of our fellow entrepreneurs achieving global competitiveness by harnessing the limitless capabilities of technology.


We aim to help businesses achieve efficiency, optimization and first-rate service by developing systems customized for their specific enterprise.

We aim to help small and medium enterprises achieve a smooth and cost-effective transition from manual processes to automated systems that allow their businesses to be more competitive.

We believe that information is power and effective management of information is key to success. We aim to provide effective information management systems that allow entrepreneurs to employ valuable information.

We understand that the effectiveness of systems is as much dependent to proper maintenance as it is to good development. We aim to provide businesses a proactive program to preserve the health of their information systems.

Yiucon Unlimited Concepts

Head Office:
211 Sunrise Avenue, Dela Paz Village
Makati City, Philippines
Telephone: +63 2 728 3013

Unit A, Quadrillion Villas, 164 F. Benitez
San Juan City
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