Yiucon Unlimited Concepts was established by a group of young enterprising business professionals with the aim of offering consulting services to Filipino businesses. Immersed in various industries, we understand the needs of a modern Filipino business and our thrust is to help entrepreneurs be competitive in their chosen fields. In the process, we also move towards our goal of contributing to the resurgence of the country’s economy.

Whether your business is in retail, wholesale, manufacturing, education, trading, finance or professional services, we understand the challenges that face the modern entrepreneur. In the current business landscape, we believe that efficiency, optimization and first-rate service are key to success. Efficiency means resources are not wasted; Optimization results in maximizing your business’ strengths; and First-rate service leads to satisfied clients.


Technology should allow your business to run better, faster and smoother. However, different fields of business have different needs. That is why we offer software development and turnkey solutions customized to address your specific needs ranging from Inventory to Cashiering.

Information kept is only as good as information you can access accurately and in a timely manner. We offer database development and administration services geared towards total information management. Our services range from setting and configuring your database, fine-tuning and up to full maintenance and administration.

Yiucon OTP Demo


Our clients include known multinational companies, SMEs, telecommunications, retail, manufacturing among others.


Comprising of experienced and well-trained caliber of professional young men, Yiucon Unlimited Concepts is moving on its way up the ladder of the corporate world. With high-levels of expertise in their various fields of specialization, the team leads to greater heights of success and prevalence in the IT industry. Their reputable corporate backgrounds, coupled with each of their exceptional talents, dedication and passion for their careers, are what make them experts in the business.